About our Hope Pencils

About our Hope Pencils

We have been making pencils in our factory near Stourport-on-Severn in Worcestershire since September 2014. Our pencil guru's Tim and "Lofty" oversee the production of every single one to ensure they are perfect in every way. Hope pencils are made from recycled plastics and contain no wood yet they sharpen even better than traditional pencils and better still, the lead is less likely to break when sharpened.

ONE machine, ONE million pencils, ONE mission: to educate EVERY child.

When we bought our pencil making machine we could produce about 2 million pencils a year. Through some small improvements we were able to increase that to nearer 3 million. We wondered then what to do with an extra ONE MILLION PENCILS, and that's how Hope was born. 

How we make them.

We mix recycled CD cases (General Purpose Polystyrene or GPPs) with other recycled plastics (High Impact Polystyrenes or HIPs). Old CD cases are quite brittle so using those alone would not be strong enough. Mixing them with recycled HIPs makes the material strong enough to produce our pencils. The writing core is made up of graphite with more recycled plastic, including the sharpening waste from the production process. They write and draw in a similar way to a regular HB pencil.

Lastly we add a little colour (approx 1%) to create a variety of colours to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Available in the standard pack of 3 and also for schools and offices in boxes of 50.

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