Frequently asked questions...

Who can take part?
Share a Pencil Day is aimed at Primary and Secondary schools in the UK but anyone can take part. The lesson plans are aimed at Years 5 to 10 but can be adapted, younger classes may just want to take part in designing their own "I love School because...." poster while older classes can participate in more structured lessons from any of the lessons plans provided. We have schools from Iceland and France, Gibraltar and Germany as well as those in the UK. 

Can just one class or year take part or does the whole school have to be involved? 
What ever suits your school best. One class, one year or a choice of classes and year groups can take part. Share a Pencil Day will become an annual event so children not taking part this year could still learn all about global education as they rise through the school.

Where do we find the lesson plans, posters and classroom materials?
Once you have signed up we will send a link to a page filled with Lesson plans and classroom notes that can be downloaded. Sign up is absolutely free but it helps us to see how many schools and children we are reaching on the day.

Do we have to buy Hope pencils to take part?
No. Participation is not dependant on using Share a Pencil Day pencils but teachers we have spoken with feel it's best to have a marker that sets the day apart from other days. Pupils can take part using their own pencils, it's just a bit of fun that helps children understand what learning is like when they don't have access to all the materials we have access to here in the UK.

Do the classes have to run simultaneously or can we have them take place any time of day?
Some schools have said they are setting aside a particular lesson slot, first of the day or last lesson before lunch during which period all classes will be learning about global education. Some are using the relevant subject lessons, Geography, PHSE, Citizenship or Language, to deliver the lesson  then. It's flexible and entirely the schools choice how and when the lessons take place.

Do schools have to follow the lesson plans provided?
Not at all, we are making these available to make the day easy to access and plan. Share a Pencil Day is an awareness and education day first and foremost but how the issues of global education are delivered is entirely up to the schools. Some schools have said they will deliver a short assembly piece and ask children to share a pencil during one appropriate class. Others are taking part in the Design a Poster activity; "I love school because..." . 

Can we use Share a Pencil Day to highlight existing partnerships we have with other schools overseas?
We would actively encourage this. Many schools have said they will use the day to further strengthen their links with projects they are already involved in. Some are using it as another chance to raise funds for existing programs and partnerships. 

Is Share a Pencil Day an annual event.
2017 is our first year but we have every intention of running this event annually. The more children are exposed to these issues the better and learning can be spread across several years as the topics become relevant to their curriculum and abilities. 

How do we sign up?
Click on the link below and fill in a few basic details, we'll send you everything you need via email.