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We are teaming up with some of the world’s leading education charities and NGO’s. Each campaign is being conceived, planned and launched in co-ordination with the charities delivering the schooling and education on the ground.

Where does the money go and what might it be spent on?

The money given by Hope goes directly to our charity partners and will be used to pay for, among other things; pencils and pens, colouring and exercise books, rulers, geometry sets and erasers. Paying teachers and support staff. Building new classrooms and play areas. Tables and chairs, blackboards and chalk, paper and computer equipment. The essentials to creating a safe, stable and sustainable learning environment.

To read more about the sorts of projects we are supporting please visit our Campaigns page.

In sub-Saharan Africa 11 million children leave school before completing their primary education. If all the women completed their primary education maternal deaths would be reduced by 70%, saving almost 50,000 lives.

- Source UNESCO

How we arrived at £3.99 per pack of 3

Figures correct as at January 2017 based on forecast costs including online payment processing fees. 

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