Overseas Volunteer Program

Overseas Volunteer
Become an
Ambassador for Hope

Travellers the world over are asked for pencils and pens by children desperate to learn, we’d love you to join us in supporting children's education globally. Taking  pencils could transform a child's chance of attending school and getting the education they deserve.

"Since the start of July 2017 we've given more than 4,500 pencils to volunteers leaving the UK to work overseas". 

Hope are offering anyone on an organised Volunteering Trip the chance to become an Ambassador for Hope and we'll give you a little bag of 50 pencils to take with you and hand out as you see fit*. Without something to write with many children cannot access even the limited education available to them.

"Fifty pencils weighs very little and takes up no room at all, but could be the most precious item you take on your journey". - Evan Lewis. Founder of Hope

50 Hope Pencils
If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Hope and taking a bag of 50 pencils with you on travels please get in touch, (see contact details below). 

The program is open to anyone volunteering as part of an organised and reputable program or scheme. All we ask is you keep us updated about where the pencils have been given away, what impact it has made and send us some pictures to help spread the word.  #hopepencils

"If you want to change the world, be the change."
- Mahatma Gandhi

 To request your free bag of 50 pencils please email evan[at]hope.co.uk . We can send pencils to any mainland UK address, please allow plenty of time before you set off. 
We will ask you for some proof of your trip, who has organised it, where and for how long you are volunteering and what you will be doing while away. 

*Important notice.  Hope pencils provided to Overseas Volunteers cannot under any circumstances be sold on or given to others who may in turn sell them on. These Hope pencils are intended to be given away free of charge to those that need them most. Hope hold the right to refuse pencils on whatever grounds they see fit and with no obligation to inform others of why and how that decision was arrived at.