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Let's spread the word for May 2018.

Share a Pencil Day is an awareness and an education day. A fun and interactive way for schools, teachers and pupils to explore the reasons why millions of children globally are missing out on an education, and why that is important. FREE lesson plans, short films and classroom notes are available to participating schools, just sign up below to access all the materials you will need.
(Share a Pencil Day is not a fundraiser or charity day so no need to ask anyone for money or any parental engagement.) 

The date has now been set for 2018: Wednesday 23rd May

Taking place each May, the week after Year 6 SATs exams, it is the perfect time to set aside just one short lesson during the day, or to start the day with a brief assembly topic or simply show a film.

If May doesn't suit and you feel you'd like to do it another time please do, we are leaving all the resource notes online and available to all. Just sign up so we know you're joining in.

More than 75 million children and young people (3-18) are currently out of school in 35 crisis affected countries. - Plan International UK

Aimed at primary and secondary schools across the UK, Share a Pencil Day is an ideal addition to the curriculum that can be included in Citizenship, PHSE, Geography or language lessons. Simpler still getting children to design their own Pencil Placard "I love school because...." helps them understand why school is so important.

During their lesson why not Join Us in asking children to Share a Pencil, to work in pairs with one pencil between two pupils, to help them appreciate the difficulties of learning with limited resources. 

Why Share a Pencil?
There are millions of children all over the world who do not have access to education or lack the basic tools they need for learning. Sometimes large groups of children have to share exercise books, paper and even pencils and pens.
Share a Pencil Day is about learning, it's about engaging children and teachers in the UK to help everyone understand a little more about the difficulties faced elsewhere.

Participation could be limited to one class or one year group, all of KS1 or KS2, what ever suits your school best. Share a Pencil Day will be an annual event so nobody needs to miss out. Give it a go this year with a small number and let's see it grow together.

 If you wish to take part using your own pencils you are still very welcome to join in. Just register to access the materials needed so we know how many children we are reaching. We feel it is a good idea however to have a symbol of the day, a little something for the children to take away.

Want to find out more first?
Click on the link below and just fill out the form, we'll direct you straight to the full Resource Pack.
(You will receive an email asking if you'd still like to join us once you've had a chance to review the Lesson Plans,
animated films and more information about the day).

Share a Pencil Day supports our latest mission, to raise £10,000 for global education projects.

Our aim for 2018 is to engage 100,000 school children on the day. To teach them why so many children globally struggle to get the education they deserve. To explain how important it is and what benefits come from learning to read and write to the world's poorest and most vulnerable.

Boxes of 50 Share a Pencil Day pencils are available online, scroll down**.

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**£1 for each box purchased will go towards reaching our latest mission goal supporting education  projects globally.

Please spread the word using the hashtag #shareapencilday
Share a Pencil Day is a great way to join the World's Largest lesson, supporting Goal 4.

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