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Our next Share a Pencil Day will take place 
on Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Teachers Resource Pack.
RECOMMENDED "2 PART" DAY Assembly Presentation & Lesson Plan

Part 1. Assembly Presentation (Recommended) 
Quick powerpoint presentation to help start the day 
[DOWNLOAD NOW] includes teachers notes. 
To download notes separately [CLICK HERE] word doc

Part 2. Lesson Plan (Recommended)
Age range 8 - 14 years. Includes case studies, sharing task and poster design. As used with great success on our trial day in April. [DOWNLOAD NOW] 
Ready to print; Case studies and Sharing Task [DOWNLOAD]



Why Are So Many Children Still Not In School? 
Age range 8 - 14 years.  [Download] 
Geography, Social Studies, Development, Citizenship

Everybody Wins When Girls Can Stay In School.
Age range 11-14 years.   [Download] 
Geography, Citizenship, PHSE

A Multilingual Treasure Hunt.
Age range 8 - 12 years.  
Citizenship, PHSE, Languages, Geography

Education Can Transform the World.
Age range 11 - 14.  [Download] 
Social Studies, Citizenship, Geography, Language Development

Children On The Move. Age Range 5 - 18.  [Download] Citizenship, PHSE,Geography

The World Is Not Equal. Is That Fair?  Age Range 11 - 14 years.  [Download] Citizenship, Social Studies

Click the download button, save to your file and print to size of your choosing.

I LOVE SCHOOL BECAUSE.....  [Download] Pencil Placard.
(Also available direct from the recommended lesson plan 2017)

What YOU can do! [Download] Classroom Poster 

Quality Education; Goal 4 [Download] Classroom Poster

We are joining Share a Pencil Day. [Download] Schools Poster

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Short Film / animation.

To watch online now click here

World's Largest Lesson Animation introduced by Emma Watson

Great for assembly or to introduce a lesson.

6 minutes.

Image result for worlds largest lesson logo

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Placards for Pencils Competition

Join our Placards for Pencils competition.
I Love School Because .........

Create their own placards before or on the day showing your support for global education and why you love school. Pictures tweeted using the hashtag #shareapencilday will be judged on the day. The winning entry's school can pick a project of their choosing to receive 500 branded pencils in their own design. 

[Download] your Pencil Placard here and start designing.
I love school because.....

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Special Share a Pencil Day pencils help teachers and children differentiate this day from any other. £1 from every pack will go towards our latest mission supporting education projects around the world. Available in our classic Hope Green or Pure White. A perfect lasting reminder of the day. 

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