Hope Launches Ambassador for Hope Program


Our original intention when we set up Hope was always to get pencils into the hands of those that needed them most. A simple pencil can be the difference between attending school or not. After months of research with NGO’s and charities around the world it was evident that distributing thousands of pencils to areas affected by conflict, natural disaster and extreme poverty was a logistical nightmare. That is why we decided to raise monies for education projects through the sale of pencils instead. I’m delighted to say we have found a way, albeit on a smaller scale to deliver on our original intention.

Hope are now inviting volunteers leaving the UK to work overseas to become Ambassadors for Hope and take pencils with them wherever they are going, completely free.

Hope have teamed up with a number of carefully selected volunteering organisations to get the pencils where they are most needed, into the hands of children all around the world. Each volunteer can request a bag of 50 pencils to take with them and hand out wherever they see fit.

There are so many stories of travellers and workers overseas being asked for pencils by children desperate to attend school. Ambassadors for Hope now have a opportunity to¬†transform a child’s chance of attending school and getting the education they deserve. To find out more visit our volunteering page and request your free pack now.

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