SAVE the DATE: Share a Pencil Day 2018


Following the extraordinary success of our 2017 Share a Pencil Day we are super excited to announce that we are definitely doing it again.

The date for 2018 has been set as Wednesday 23rd May. Just like last year this is the week following Year 6 SATs exams and a wonderful opportunity to teach UK School children about some hugely important topics without the pressure of exams looming.

What is Share a Pencil Day?
Share a Pencil Day is an awareness and education day. A fun and interactive way for schools, teachers and pupils to explore the reasons why millions of children globally are missing out on an education, and why that is important. FREE lesson plans, short films and classroom notes are available to participating schools, just sign up FREE to access all the materials you will need.
(Share a Pencil Day is not a fundraiser or charity day so no need to ask anyone for money or any parental engagement.) To find out more visit our Share a Pencil Day page now.

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