Ambassadors for Hope Update


Since the launch of our Ambassadors for Hope program volunteers leaving the UK to work overseas have handed out thousands of Hope pencils to those that need them most. ¬†Volunteers working in areas including India and Fiji, Nepal and Kenya have been giving away Hope pencils in schools and community centres and children they’ve met in villages and towns desperate to have what they need most at school. Thank you to all those that have posted their pictures and sent back their stories from around the world.

If you or anyone you know are planning to volunteer overseas please get in touch and become one of our Ambassadors for Hope. We’ll send you 50 free Hope pencils in a little cotton bag to take on your travels.

We’ve all heard stories from travellers and people working abroad of children the world over asking for a simple pencil or pen, this is your chance to help.

To find out more visit our Overseas Volunteer Program page now

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